Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Good Morning all - as promised, I am featuring some of my favorite sellers on Bonanzle right here! There are many, so much entertainment is ahead for us all.

Today, I introduce Sofyblu2! Pictured above on the left is a beautiful 1950s Bavarian Gareis Porcelain silver luster 16 piece set; and on the right is a Christmas lighted blowmold from 1988. These featured items barely scratch the surface of this wonderful booth!

Sofyblu2 carries an assortment of vintage items--including Christmas ornaments from Europe, yard blowmolds, china, crystal and the ever-popular Fiesta ware. In fact, Sofyblu2 is in the process of opening another booth at Bonanzle called "Sofy's Choice" which will feature Fiesta ware only.

Sofyblu2 is a long-term online seller with an impeccable reputation. We hope that you will take the time to visit her shop ( and while you are there, check out Bonanzle - as a seller or a shopper!

Bonanzle is the newest and fastest growing online commerce site on the web today and we are proud to also be members of the community.

Monday, January 12, 2009


"To sit in a comfortable chair means getting there a split second before the cat--and having to suffer its resentful stares as a consequence. IT may infiltrate behind you--and shove. Or sit on the arm--and lean. Or wrap itself round your neck--and throttle. Or touch you light with persuasive paw or gentle nose--until, of course, you give in."

Or, in the case of Ms. Pieper, give you the death stare...LOL. Yesterday was NFL Playoff day at our house and as a result, Ms. Pieper and I jockeyed for position on the couch...after I settle down and get covered up, she assumes her rightful position at my left shoulder...she "gently" nudges me with her behind until she is just right...then she gets up, looks at me, jumps on my chest and lays there...for about three minutes...then it's back to the rightful place...bump, bump, bump goes her rear shoulder moves...she settles down...and of course, by this time I have to go potty, so it's me up again...and the whole scenario plays again...

And at the end of the day, I feel as though I have played the entire afternoon of football!