Wednesday, February 4, 2009


“All kittens, from the very first, set out to teach their humans to adapt to the needs of a cat. As a reward, they grant them the position of honorary cat.” (Pam Brown)

The above is a true enough statement; Pieper thinks that I am a cat and that I don’t mind sharing my “sandbox” with her. I try to sneak into the bathroom and get the door securely shut before she figures out where I’ve gone. I guess she thinks there is a secret exit from the bathroom that only I know about…and that if she isn’t in there with me, I will just disappear!

The few times I do get the door shut and leave her in the hallway, she meows, tries to turn the door handle, and runs her paws under the doorway, hoping somehow to pull or push it open. It’s quite comical, really.

What is NOT exactly comical, however, is when she does manage to get into the bathroom before me and insists on “helping Mommy” go potty. (Before my son, Steve, moved back home, we never had this problem…I simply left the bathroom door open unless I had company.) Now, however, it has become an issue between Pieper and me.

Pieper just loves to crawl up in my lap from the edge of the bathtub…and then she insists that I hold her in my arms. I have no idea why she thinks this is a safe place to be, except that she can be fairly certain I won’t be jumping up in a hurry! So, I patiently hold her, pet her, nuzzle her little head as she pushes against my chin…she drools on my hand and looks up at me with the most adoring look…how can I not be so happy?

Then, when she has absorbed just about as much “sandbox love” as she can stand, she primly jumps down from my lap and strolls over to HER sandbox, turns her back on me and does her thing. She expects privacy! Of course!