Thursday, February 19, 2009


"There are no ordinary cats." (Colette)

Sshhh...Mom is in the other room, sewing, I think. But I have to tell you about my Stimulus Package which arrived the other day! (Mom isn't happy when I climb up here and use her desk...I'm not allowed on the desk or her work table you know--hehe--little does she know--she can't be awake 24/7). Anyway, I digress.

Well, the stimulus package arrived at our house. Mom ordered some nice handmade pictures and a couple of books from our friend, Sandypaws, at her recent Bonanza sale at Bonanzle! (Try saying that with a mouth full of whiskers!)

Sandypaws included in the box a cellophane bag of handmade toys just for me. I was (uncharacteristically--LOL, right...) sleeping. Mom put the bag on the table, thinking I would be up before she went to work and she could give me a toy.

Well, off to work she went...I hadn't gotten up yet...but when I got up...well, I just couldn't resist investigating this package! Oh my gosh! It was wonderful! Handmade, snuggly fabric, toys just for me! You should have SEEN mom's face when she came home after work...but then she laughed and saw the new decoration scattered in every direction, in every room, and I knew all was okay. You know, there is just so much power in being just the cutest thing in the family!

Oh, and the best part? Well, for a cat anyway, was trying to crawl inside the cellophane bag to get out every last morsel of catnip! Zowie! AND, I was able to attempt to make a home out of the flat rate box the goodies came in...I just felt a tug of comradeship with all those critters (8) who live in the house and attempt to help sew and ship the goodies (but they don't have much more luck than I do)!

And speaking of cutest things, Sandypaws runs Beach Cat Rescue in New Jersey. If you would like more information about what they do, please visit their site. They are currently pending New Jersey Non-Profit status. The program is run by the family from their family finances - what a wonderful, giving way of life. The following is just a portion of what their mission is at Beach Cat Rescue:

Beach Cat Rescue is a NJ Non Profit Corporation with 501c3 pending! Our rescue was created to address the needs of abandoned stray and feral cats in our community. We are a small home based rescue that focuses on the rehabilitation and adoption of abandoned, homeless and stray cats and kittens.

Beach Cat Rescue has a very specific mission which makes us unique in our approach and our needs. You can read much information online about the humane treatment of feral cats. We at BCR agree that feral cats have very specific needs and their treatment should be much different. TNR is a wonderful triage tool for that population as well as providing shelters and daily feedings.

However, BCR would also like to address the population that lives in that grey area somewhere between housecat and feral cat! There are so many stray and abandoned cats without socialization who are not feral. We would like to help educate people as to ways they can help with this specific population! There is a very big difference between a true feral and the stray you may be seeing in your neighborhood. Please see our article entitled "The Myth and Confusion of Feral Cats" to learn more.

Thanks to Renee and her family for what they give back to our lovely cat communities!

Many of the profits (if not all) from the sales at sandypaws booth at Bonanzle, as well as Willow Blue booth at Bonanzle, go to help care for, feed, spay and neuter feral cats, as well as socialize those animals that are able to interact with humans.