Monday, January 26, 2009


Is that call for kitty? When you are talking on the phone, does your cat suddenly become playful, overly friendly, rub against your legs or swipe at the telephone cord? Pieper climbs up on the arm of my office chair, snuggles her way under my arm, puts her little paws on the desktop, and looks adoringly up at me..."Aren't I the cutest mommy?" She then rubs her little silky head against my chin, forcing me to fall in love all over again!

The reason many cats try to interfere with their owner's telephone conversations is because they think WE are talking to THEM! So, they respond in an appropriately friendly manner. Cats have no way of understanding there is someone on the other end of the line.

Okay, I'll buy that...but what if you are just looking at the computer, clicking away on the keyboard...does she think I'm typing her an e-mail?

Okay, so the two items pictured have just been listed in my booth at BONANZLE! I've been sick with the flu/cold for the past several days, but did manage to get this done. Hope you will take a look!

We'll be back with more cat facts and fellow sellers from Bonanzle in a couple of days. In the meantime, have just the greatest day you can!


Joann said...

I love the kitties.......I have 2 of my own..LeeLu and Lily. My little bundles of joy. But they aren't as cool as Pieper. I could never get a lime on their heads!

Kaboodle Gifts said...

Growing up we had a few different cats. One was a tabby and the other was an Angora. The tabby was a mouser and went on many adventures over night onlt to show up in the morning with several different gifts for us. Once it was a snake, then a mouse, and then moles. All live , she used them as play toys. You kow pounce on them and toss them in the air and then walk away from them when she was bored.

The Angora was named Angel and was Queen of the house. She wanted to be pampered.I've often heard that dogs have man as best friend and cats have servants. This was Angel all the way!