Monday, December 15, 2008


Meet Charlie 4 Paws, our resident Old Man. He is 17 years old. Charlie arrived at the party early because his Access-a-Ride driver had to get home for dinner…but it was okay ‘cause Charlie mainly lays around a lot anyway, and doesn’t get underfoot.

Although Charlie is retired from the office, Pieper is very fond of him as they lived together one…just friends, of course, so she always invites him to our parties.

When asked what he thought of the party the next day, Charlie replied, “What party?” blinking blearily at us. “The office party,” Pieper snapped, impatient! “Oh,” answered Charlie, yawning lazily. “That was a party? I’ve had more fun at the vets.”

Communication may be reestablished between Pieper and Charlie before the next office party. Stay tuned.

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