Sunday, December 14, 2008


The official Pieper’s Place Christmas Party was held on Saturday, December 14. Over the next twelve days, we will introduce you to the partygoers and give some dog and cat eye-views of what a party it was!

The menu was “appawsed” by some; dissed by others, but no dog or cat can say that there wasn’t something for everyone:

For the doggies:

Homemade Dog Bone Bonanzas (of course!)
Homemade Bacon Bits for Dogs
Homemade Dog Bad Breath Banishers
Homemade Dog Banana Biscotti (to go with the peppermint cocoa of course)
Homemade Dog Icy Paws

For the kitties:

Homemade Savory Cheese Treats
Chick N’Biscuits
Crispy Liver Morsels
Tuna Tidbits
Catnip Punch

The neighbors finally called the police when they heard all the animals yowling and howling the following:


One the twelfth day of Christmas
My Owner gave to me
Eleven Frisbees flying
Ten cats for chasing
Nine bones for chewing
Eight ropes for tugging
Seven scraps-a-spilling
Six fleas-a-dying
Five puppy friends
Four falling squirrels
Three mailmen
Two tennis balls
And a fire hydrant so I can pee.

I mean, even the cats! Fortunately for me, I work for the PD, so no official noise disturbance report was filed. I was asked, however politely, to call off the dogs and go to bed.

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