Thursday, April 30, 2009


Okay, today my life takes a new direction...I spoke to Pieper about it and we decided that I don't relax enough...unlike her who just loves to lay on her back with her little paws stretched up to the air (nap style - The Blob, Prone), showing everything she has to whoever is interested enough to look! She's such a princess, she thinks we all care, but hey, whatever keeps her little meowy mouth shut works for me!

The Rooster tray pictured above is just one of the new items we have added to our Bonanzle booth. And this tray is one of the reasons for changing our direction, in a roundabout sort of way (I found it at a store sale, fell in love with it and just knew there were lots of beautiful, unique things out there just waiting for me to discover). Because Pie and I originally thought we would hone in on only homemade items, we have been spending every free minute creating, sewing and crafting items for our booth. Now, while Pieper lounges at home basking in her window seat, I work a forty-hour, four-day work week outside our home. The other three days, I sewed, crafted and generally made a mess of my small apartment; hence, the overwhelmed status of recent weeks.

Yesterday, I made a decision to spend more time loving my kitty, taking care of me and taking care of my house. I won't neglect my Bonanzle booth or my family there - it is my home away from home. But, I am going to redo my living area to be less work-related and more relax-oriented. I figure it will take most of the summer (and I'm NOT joking). But surprisingly enough, I am looking forward to washing walls! (I can't believe I just said that!), changing up pictures, maybe sewing a new table cover or making new pillows for the sofa, and occasionally sitting down and working on a cute counted-cross stitch picture I picked up of (what else) a pair of kittens in a knitting basket! Not the 18 x 24 inch counted cross stitch on tiny little squares that I would usually go for, but a small, finished in a summer, relaxing little cat picture!

Well, I feel better already! But, as usual, Pieper has something to say about what I wrote today. She is taking exception to my comment about her nap style. Here's what she had to say about that: "As a consequence of being handfed, my raison de'etre has for the most part been removed now that my prey comes pre-killed in a Whiskas can. As a consequence my alertness is less required and I am able to both conserve my resources AND remain decorative, a uniquely feline feat!"

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