Friday, April 24, 2009


It was all I could do today to drag myself to the computer. I miss reaching out to everyone, but it's been a particularly trying week for several reasons. Well, I am pulling myself up by my bootstraps (whatever THEY are ... LOL) and moving into a brighter place. So, of course, what else can make me happy but kitties - every color, shape and attitude.

Pieper has recently been reading a book called The Cat's Manual, aka the cat's eye view to the human world, and she shared some very interesting facts with me today. Did you know that, according to the cat author of this book, it's bad luck to cross a stream with a cat in your arms?

This inane French proverb is not too hard to understand. You might as well say it's bad luck to light a match in a firework factory. Anyone with a modicum of smarts knows that nearly all cats hate water. (There are exceptions, but we don't talk about that side of the family.) Therefore, if you are foolish enough to try to carry a cat across a large body of the stuff, you'd better be prepared for some serious lacerations (my thoughts exactly). The cat would obviously be concerned that the human, whom most of us cats consider clumsy at best, would drop us, and really, don't most all of us prefer our water measured into bowls?

I have talked with Pie at length about why this water thing is such an issue? She has no problem lounging anywhere in the house, on her back with her four little paws stretched up in the air, unafraid that we will trounce on her by mistake...she doesn't mind sleeping right at my back, never giving a thought to the fact I could crush her if I turned over...or laying half on/half off the windowsill, apparently unafraid of falling several feet if she turns over in her sleep...but mention water to her and she turns into a ballistic little hairball with claws that could well ... scratch your eyes out.

Little good it does me to talk to her...she smirks at me through one half opened eye, stretches, rolls over with her back to me, and gets on with her lazy little life...such a princess...what would I do without her?

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Cyd's Animal Tails said...

Love your blog! And what better way is there to brighten our lives but to spend time with our beloved cats.