Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pieper Goes to School

Well, I've finally had it. Enough of waiting for the City to make up their minds whether they want me to stay or not. If I stay, I want to retire in five years and with the economics and the money I'll be getting from my 401K, it's not encouraging.

So, I got this idea from the new Bonanzle affiliate program. Years ago, I dabbled in affiliate marketing, but never had any training. You know, I bought one of those get-rich-quick volumes for $97, learned bits here and there and of course, lost money, and hope.

Yesterday I joined an affiliate university - it's called Wealthy Affiliate University and I am overwhelmed with information at this point, but thrilled with the education provided. If you're interested, you can visit my website at:

And, Pieper says hello...she's been sleeping a lot...missed the visit by her little squirrel friend who came to the window looking for her.

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Brightest Blessings said...

Oh going back to school is always fun! There is always so much to learn and so many people to meet. Good for you! Ssshh don't wake Pieper....