Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pieper in Oz

Hi, Pieper's been awhile since either Mom or I have been here and we apologize. There has been a LOT going on in Pieperland. Here's a short recap:

Monday, July 20 - Tornado in our town, almost unheard of. Instead of cowering under the bed, as I usually do when strangers are in the house, I was in Mom's arms, on her lap and generally following her from window to window to figure out what was going on...I figured the safest place to be was with my Mom.

I was right, of course...trees came down, narrowly missing Mom's car, trees uprooted, fences defeated, but I was safe with Mom! We had no power for almost TWO DAYS - no air, no lights, nothing...what else was there to do but listen to the ballgame by battery-operated radio and snuggle up with Mom?

Then on Wednesday, July 22, Mom goes back to work only to learn that 5 people out of their 14 person department are being laid off, plus one supervisor! We'll know in a week or so if we're going to eat laughing matter, of course...Mom has been at the City for seven plus years and is excellent at her job, but some things you just can't take for granted.

So, that's our week in a nutshell. We'll be back in a few, with more news about what is happening at Bonanzle, our marketplace, with information about a new affiliate and syndicated seller program they have just added.

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ZiggyZool said...

So glad you and Mom are okay and that nasty ol tornado didn't whisk you away to Kansas... we have to deal with Tornadoes here in Indianapolis frequently and know that it's No Fun... you are a very wise kitty cat sticking by your Mom --will be keeping our paws crossed that there's nothing but good news at Moms work-- oh rats she's back.. Mz Friday must scat....